The forum "Potential for export of Russian agricultural technologies" will be held within the framework of the XII Dairy Olympics in the UAE

Just to remind, the Russian dairy industry has been actively developing for many years. Its industrial production rate is one of the largest in the world. For 6 years, the production of raw milk in Russia has increased by 23%, and the production of cheese - by more than 80%.

Today, the average number of dairy farms of industrial type in Russia exceeds 400 cows, which is almost the largest figure in the world.

There are 18 companies with more than 10,000 head of livestock in Russia; more than 600 dairy farms have more than 1,000 head of livestock.

"The experience of working with large livestock in extreme weather conditions is an experience that we can export and train our customers in any country of the world, including the Middle East, where the climate is also very difficult", said Mikhail Mishchenko, Director of the Dairy Intelligence Agency. Secondly, our country could potentially be the provider of food for other countries; our feed companies have good practices. Thirdly, in terms of high-tech solutions, for example, I know that a number of telecommunications companies have products already that are being actively implemented on Russian farms. At the same time, these companies are known and they are interested in entering global markets".

There is hardly any other country in the world that can boast of specialists who are able to develop effective production in the conditions of Siberian frosts and prolonged heat.

As for Russian feed producers, today they have the largest production and scientific potential in the world, since Russia is the largest country in the world suitable for growing feed.

Over the past few years, at least ten large production feed companies have been established in Russia, the volume of production of which allows us to establish deliveries to all countries of the world.

Thus, the country's export potential can be expressed by four main factors:
  • Outstanding experts

  • The unique technologies of production of raw milk

  • Techniques for efficient feeding

  • High-quality and effective feeds that have proven their potential in Russia

Among the invited speakers are Olesya Smirnova, Executive Director of the Association of Holstein cattle producers; Tatyana Nagaeva, Executive Director of the “Institute of milk”; Olga Guseva, Manager of cattle sector in Russia and CIS countries; Maria Zhuravleva, chief technologist of the Department of dairy and meat livestock of GC Agropromkomplektatsiya and Sergey Lyakhov, regional Director for the Siberian region of “Sibirskaya Niva”.

You can learn about the event program and register for participation at the link.

We will be waiting for you at the XII Dairy Olympics!

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