“MEGAMIX” became a partner of the XII Dairy Olympics

The company has been successfully operating in the Russian agricultural market since 1999 and cooperates with large agricultural holdings and medium-sized enterprises, writes The DairyNews.

- “MEGAMIX” supported the idea of holding the Dairy Olympics, as this event promises to be bright and eventful. Participation in the Olympics will undoubtedly contribute to the establishment of international relations of our company and strengthen our position in foreign markets. The fact that this forum will be held under the banner of The DairyNews only adds to the optimism. The team of organizers – recognized professionals of the dairy industry and enthusiasts of their business, commented in the press service of “MEGAMIX".


The group of companies “MEGAMIX” is one of the largest producers of premixes, compound feeds and feed additives in Russia. Based on premixes “MEGAMIX” more than 10 million tons of feed is produced per year. The total production capacity of “MEGAMIX” is up to 180,000 tons of premixes per year. The company is known for its innovative activities: in 2019, the plant in Lipetsk region launched the production of INNOVIT E 60 (the world's first dry vitamin E with a concentration of 60%, the first feed vitamin produced in Russia for 25 years), and in 2020, the company is actively launching a line of special products for cattle.

The XII Dairy Olympics will be held on April 5-9 in Dubai (UAE). It is one of the largest events in the world, which annually brings together hundreds of representatives of the global dairy industry. Over 11 years of work, the Dairy Olympics has brought together more than 11,000 participants in the dairy industry from all over the world.

The main goal of the Dairy Olympics is to determine the prospects for the global dairy market, assess existing industry threats, forecast potential trends, and search for new opportunities.

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